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Founded by Dennis Brett, our company embodies years of hands-on experience and a genuine commitment to excellence in the industrial laundry sector.

Dennis, driven by his deep industry insights, laid the groundwork for our organization—a legacy steeped in reliability and forward-thinking solutions. Presently, Dennis collaborates with his son James, bringing a practical and down-to-earth approach to steering our success.

This father-and-son team not only shares a familial bond but also a dedication to the core values of quality service, customer satisfaction, and continual improvement that have shaped our trajectory since day one.

L.T.S stands as a seasoned expert in the industrial laundry landscape, boasting extensive experience in the maintenance and optimization of a diverse range of machinery and equipment crucial to laundry operations.

From the intricate workings of Industrial Washing Machines and powerful Industrial Dryers to the precision of Ironing Systems and Folding Machines, our dedicated maintenance technicians are well-versed in every facet of the laundry process.

Whether it’s managing Conveyor Systems, implementing efficient Laundry Bag Rail Systems, or ensuring the proper functioning of Water Filtration Systems, L.T.S has successfully tackled maintenance challenges across the spectrum.

Trusted by companies throughout Europe and Australia, our expertise extends to Industrial Detergent and Chemical Dispensers, RFID Tracking Systems, Boiler Systems, Water Recycling Systems, Industrial Sewing Machines, and beyond.

With a proven track record, L.T.S is the reliable partner for businesses seeking top-notch maintenance services for their industrial laundry machinery.

Our Promise

We are trusted all over the world because we deliver results.

Our technical knowledge is built on first hand experience, the whole team gets our hands dirty.

– Dennis Brett, Director

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Our Services

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Find the parts you need from our high quality suppliers. Committed to customer satisfaction, our team is here to provide expert guidance and support, making sure you get the right parts for your industrial laundry operations.

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Machinery Sales

With a focus on quality and performance, explore our curated selection of cutting-edge equipment designed to elevate and optimize your laundry business. Trust us to be your partner in acquiring top-tier machinery that meets the demands of commercial laundry facilities, providing unmatched efficiency and superior results.

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Project management

Backed by a global track record and a commitment to excellence, we guarantee that you’ll have access to the most effective tools, empowering you to navigate and streamline your project management endeavors seamlessly. With a wealth of experience and a focus on delivering quality and performance, trust Laundry Tech Solutions to be your dedicated partner

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Control Systems

We specialize in identifying and resolving technical issues in P.L.C systems, ensuring the smooth operation and functionality of your laundry process.

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Our technicians have decades of experience with the meticulous assembly, configuration, and deployment of complex industrial laundry systems.

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Some of our folks have seen it all, and after a lifetime of diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining laundry equipment we will provide pragmatic.

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Plant Relocation

When you need careful disassembly, transportation, and precise re-installation of industrial laundry machinery, we can help.

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Monorail systems can bring substantial productivity and efficiency gains to your laundry. Our in house design team will ensure that your investment in a monorail system is tailored to maximize space utilization, streamline workflow, and enhance overall operational efficiency, providing a cost-effective and customized solution for your laundry facility.

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Vessel operators trust us because our technicians have the experience to ensure timely and effective maintenance even in challenging conditions.

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