Trolley – Supertrack – TR-05-B-SW

Trolley - Supertrack - TR-05-B-SW

Kannegiesser-Supertrack type trolley with bolted on steel wheels

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Kannegiesser-Supertrack type
trolley with bolted on steel

*Attachment options include,
rolled hook, open hook or eye

Our Bag System Replacement Trolleys stand as a testament to robust engineering, featuring a solid steel construction and utilizing high-quality bearings. These trolleys have demonstrated consistent success in rail systems worldwide, delivering reliable performance and durability in industrial and commercial applications. Engineered for seamless compatibility with global rail systems, our trolleys ensure smooth and efficient bag handling. With a focus on technical precision, these trolleys meet rigorous standards, providing a trusted solution for transferring bags under various operational conditions. Embrace the proven excellence of our trolleys, known for their quality construction and established track record in diverse technical environments.


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